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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Getting the Aswan - Wadi Halfa Ferry

Wadi Halfa Ferry

Some Traveler Tips 

The myths and legends circulating on the internet blogs and fora surrounding the purchase of the tickets are countless. Just in case some lost traveller is reading this in search of information I will authoritatively state that: the Wadi Halfa boat office is in Aswan proper - on the river front - not in the port. There is an office that opens in the port in the morning of the boat's departure - which is Monday -  but it is inadvisable to count on it – it seems to only issue food vouchers for the trip.

I managed to get my ticket there but this was only because the ubiquitous Mr. Saleh, the manager of the Aswan office (could be a bit more friendly, but efficient) had one set aside for me on my visit to the main office a few days before – two other foreigners that arrived in the morning hoping to get tickets were turned away. Ideally, arrive in Aswan by Thursday at the latest to have a greater chance.

There are only two classes at the ferry – cabin and deck – and their prices are EGP 500 and 320 respectively (up from 400 and 200 earlier this year). The locals were  paying 320 too and we have been repeatedly assured there are no 3rd class tickets – I am inclined to believe that is the case. The customs are straightforward, but arrive early on Monday to secure a shaded and secluded place on the boat – we were let on around 10am and left by 4pm but by midday the boat was already quite full.

This info was correct as of May 2011.

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