"Ex Africa semper aliquid novi", quoth Pliny the Elder. There is some debate about what he really meant, but most likely he meant trouble. In this sense has the phrase been used most often since but I hope to reverse the trend and on these pages bring you the exciting, novel and curious out of Africa.

And wherever I am I hope to remain,
Ex Africa Semper Yours,

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Around the Lake in 60 miles

There is this beautiful spot in the middle of the Lake Baringo, where you can forget all your troubles and rest undisturbed gazing at the pristine waters of an azure aquifer.

Samatian Island Resort

This story is not about this place. But it was in here that - G&T in hand - I looked upon the far away shore of the Lake and thought: I wonder what's on the other side?

This is the story about the other, wilder and less often travelled, side of Lake Baringo and one girl's walk around the pond.

And it starts here.

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